Consultation with Leaders, Groups & Organizations

Consultation, Lectures and Workshops

I regularly consult to organizations and organizational leaders both in the San Francisco Bay Area, other parts of the United States and abroad. Recently I have consulted in rural Virginia, South Africa, Mexico City and Oaxaca, Pocas de Caldas, Brazil, and Jerusalem, Israel.

When I work with group and organizational issues, my focus is on reflection, the emergence of collective consciousness and other group relations dynamics as well as related issues of Scapegoating. My work with individual leaders is a mutually agreed upon mix of group and individual exploration. I emphasize group and individual reflection more than strategizing and problem solving.

I develop, direct and consult to Group Relations conferences in the Tavistock and A.K.Rice model (I was a founder and past president of the A.K.Rice Institute.) In those roles I have worked throughout the United States and Europe. With Pilar Montero, I work with a Tavistock-Jungian experiential group model which includes interpretation and reflection using dreams, effigies, and drumming.

I lecture and lead workshops on issues of Scapegoating and group relations. I also lecture as a psychomusicologist particularly on the psychology of composers, most recently on Richard Wagner, Benjamin Britten and Dmitri Shostakovich.

Arthur C. Colman, M.D.