Fiction by Arthur D. Colman, M.D.

The Revenge Inc. novels are based on the very eccentric adventures of two All American football heroes whose personal destiny was forever redirected by a thoughtless mistake at the last football game of their careers.

At that game, star quarterback, Wiley Stone, threw a spectacular, but unnecessary, season-ending touchdown to his wide receiver Dave Blue ignoring gamblers deaths threats to his father if he exceeded the 8 point spread. The next morning Wiley’s father was found in his home office with a bullet through his left eye. The killers were never found and a desperate son and loyal teammate were plunged into destructive mixture of anger, guilt and an unending need for retribution. What evolved instead was an unique organization, Revenge Inc, which offered to others what they had not found for themselves—revenge.

The first novel springs from the rape of Renata Champagne, a black Seychellois college student and her roommate Jody McDivot by three white athletes in a Hell Night ritual at a prominent fraternity at Queen Anne University in Seattle. The following morning Renata finds that Jody has hung herself from a ceiling fixture in their dorm room. The young men involved are well connected and a systematic cover-up by parents and fraternity elders robs a devastated and helpless Renata of any hope for retribution until she is referred to the Sausalito Barge home of Revenge Inc.

Wiley and Dave investigate the traumatic attack at Delta House and simultaneously guide Renata and Jody’s reluctant parents to develop their plans for revenge. In the climax on a beach and bird sanctuary in the Seychelles Islands, Renata and her assailants meet again in a final confrontation which ends in madness, castration, blindness…and the hope of love.

In the second book, Wiley and Dave are hired by Debra Jean a newly minted scientist traumatized personally and professionally by a revered Nobel prize nominee in the biotech community of San Francisco. In helping Debra Jean they expose a sordid tangle of snuff films, child-murder and corporate crime ending in a deadly conflict in China’s The Three Gorges Dam and at Stockholm’s Konserthus prize ceremony. In a third Revenge Inc. caper, now in first draft, a promising American composer hires Wiley and Dave to help avenge the murder of his wife and children– and his own creative voice. These novels are all about extraordinary methods of helping ordinary victims who, without the services of Revenge Inc., would continue to suffer their “deadly grief ” alone or in a therapists office.

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