Non-Fiction Books by Arthur D. Colman, M.D.

Up from Scapegoating: Awakening Consciousness in Groups. Chiron Publications, 1995. (Foreward by Pilar Montero, Ph.D.) A dynamic exploration of the role of the scapegoat in group psychology. Connects Jungian Psychology and its focus on the individual with group theory and group development. Introduces the concept of collective consciousness and the importance of understanding scapegoating in group development. Final chapter on depth consultation in organizations including methods of dealing with scapegoating issues.

Group Relations Reader I & II. A.K. Rice Institute, 1983, 1985. A two volume collection of classic and groundbreaking articles defining the field of Group Relations for generations of students and practitioners.

Reader I includes sentinel articles by Wilfred Bion, A.K. Rice, Margaret Rioch, Elizabeth Menzies, Lars Lofgren, Arthur Colman and others.

Reader II includes some “classic” articles by Wilfred Bion, Melanie Klein and Pierre Tourquet but concentrates on ongoing work in experiential learning and practical application of group relations to a wide range of issues and applications.

The Planned Environment in Psychiatric Treatment: A Manual for Ward Design. Charles C. Thomas, 1971. A design model for a therapeutic environment for severely delinquent men. Integrates behavioral and group participatory techniques with a feedback and measurement system for change and outcome. Foreword by David McK. Rioch

Father/Sky Father – The Changing Concept of Fathering. Prentice Hall/Spectrum, 1981. Groundbreaking book on fathering. Uses myth, archetypal images and case histories to redefine fatherhood for generations of men and their families. Describes varied approaches to fathering including “earth fathering” and the “dyadic father” and traces the impact of fathering on male psychological development. Explores the impact of father child relationships on children. With Libby Colman.

Love and Ecstasy. The Seabury Press, 1975. A book about the psychological development of the love relationship. Integrates theories and descriptions of ecstatic consciousness with pre-relational stages of development to explore the nature of love in the child and adult life cycle. With Libby Colman.

Pregnancy: The Psychologicial Experience. Herder and Herder, 1971. Noonbay Press, 1991. A first of its kind book about the psychology of pregnancy in the expectant mother and father. Includes a chapter on the expectant father, the fourth trimester and the six psychological tasks of the childbearing year. With Libby Colman.